Canikon another dinosaur?

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Richard Veteran Member • Posts: 4,858
Bad logic.

Just Having Fun wrote:

Richard wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

Your posts always amuse me.  I still love your rant about how you ONLY a "Canon 1D level of camera" is considered professional.

No rant, just the facts ma'am

This of course right about the same time the Sun-Times fired all their DSLR using photographers and told them to get iPhones.  Go figure - your timing stinks.

Doesn't change the fact they are pro cameras in a pro camera line and the m43 are not pro cameras. Sorry that doesn't fit into your little delusion.

Hey, don't shoot the messenger!  It was just funny that the actual people who employ "professional" photographers said the opposite of your rant.   Sorry that conflicts with your little delusion.

So you are saying if they all would have m43 they would have kept their jobs? Or are you saying the sun-times will now want images from m43?

No, they were laid off in favor of camera phones Iphones, not m43. You start to see why I am saying that m43 is getting the squeeze. The pro camera will always be around and in need even if it is not at the Sun-Times pros uses pro camera in other pro fields like low light indoor sports. But we know camera phones will ALWAYS be in high in demand by the sun-times and by everyone that carries a cell phone.

Where does that leave m43rds? At best niche market, at worse no where.

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