x-e1 vs. rx-1

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Re: x-e1 vs. rx-1

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Not sure what you mean about RX1 being better in the ISO department. Per the DPreview widget it seems to have quite a bit more noise at ISO6400 than an XE1.

My Nex 6 has more noise than my XE1. Part of the Xtrans sensor advantage is lower luminance noise.


Ah, the fanboys are out again...   If you think that a crop sensor can have more noise than the latest full-frame sensor, keep drinking the cool-aid.  Fuji has on-chip noise reduction, that may explain why those look less noisy to you.  In the real world a full-frame sensor of roughly the same generation will always have less noise, its just simple physics.    Whether RX1 is a better camera is highly debatable.  I shoot Fuji.

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