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Abrak wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

Abrak wrote:

Overall I think that Canon and Nikon are being pretty smart. They are dominating the DSLR market with very little competition because their competitors are looking elsewhere. Meanwhile they dont feel the need to compete (aggressively) in mirrorless because the players are killing each other fighting over a very small market.

For the first 4 months of the year 859,000 mirrorless ILCs were shipped (according to CIPA). There are currently 8 players competing in the mirrorless market with each player averaging 100,000 shipments each so far this year. I suspect there are no winners in the mirrorless market.

Mirrorless has gone form 0 to 20% of the ILC market over the past few years.

What you say above would only be true if mirrorless stays at that 20% (or less) for the next 10 years.

Let's see what happens.

The 'mirrorless' is 20% of the ILC market is a slightly dodgy statistic. It is a bit like saying DSLRs are 19% of the total camera market. It might be true but DSLRs represent a considerably greater percentage of the value.

So in value terms, mirrorless is 15% of DSLR and 7% of the digital camera market. Mirrorless is also down 15% so far this year but is gaining market share...

Now you are being dodgy.  You talk about how mirrorless is down this year but fail to mention that Canon reported their DSLR sales are down significantly.

"(for Canon) Shipments of compact models were down 40 percent in the first two months of 2013 from a year earlier, while that for cameras with interchangeable lenses dropped 17 percent, according to the industry group."

Of course that 17% was just the first 2 months and just for Canon...

"DSLR shipments for the first three months of 2013 were down 23% from shipments for the first three months of 2012"

So now you say mirrorless sales were down 15%?  But we see DSLR sales were down 23%.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the global recession starts to end.

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