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Re: Service? and then I read part 1

rattymouse wrote:

Ulric wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Great! I'm glad you're happy. But you apparently don't do the same type of shooting I enjoy, and I would not enjoy my kind of shooting at all if I had to fight an EVF that lags or tears or freezes or is too dim to view on a bright sunny day without waiting several seconds for my eye to adjust to it.

Life must suck in your alternate reality.

That you need to denigrate someone's experience shows how utterly bankrupt your position is.

Yes, I noticed a lack of any real information in his reply, just a snide comment.

I've been to forums (which I will not mention to avoid attacks) where people with EVF's post over and over again about their viewfinders freezing, blanking out, being too dark to see on a sunny day for several seconds because no way can it equal the ambient daylight that your eyes have been seeing, or the EVF being too bright when you look at it in darkness, until your eye adjusts.

And I've seen the supposed benefits of EVF's with all the information they give you, the ability to check the white balance and focus and see a histogram etc. Well and good for those who are shooting deliberately and have all day to make their shot. I don't have that much time to spend checking things out. I need the viewfinder to do the best possible job of being a viewfinder and leave the other aspects up to the camera's other systems.

It's all what a person needs whether a DSLR or another camera is their best choice. I don't know why some have such a hard time with that. I guess they just can't accept that their kind of camera is not THE best of all for everyone.

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It's nice to say that nice pictures are nice. (sarcasm)

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