Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Smaller sensor almost killed Nikon in the pro market

jtan163 wrote:

The article does not predict the demise of the DSLR, more the rise and eventual domination of the mirrorless. I tend to agree.

The problem with this theory is that it really doesnt stack up with the numbers. Mirrorless is now in value terms 15% of the ILC market when it was admittedly 0% 5 years ago (it is 7% of the total digital camera market). However, if 8 new players enter the market with a new product - namely mirrorless -  its market share is bound to increase from 'zero' and 7% really isnt a huge achievement.

And who are you best to bet on - the 2.5 players who control 85% of the ILC market or the 8 players who have 15%. If you look at the value of sales so far this year (4 months) DSLRs are down 14.2% and mirrorless down 14.7%.

If you actually look at lens sales - DSLR lens sales are up 10% while mirrorless lens sales are down 15%.

So it is fine forecasting the rise in mirrorless but the reality is that sales are falling (and they werent very large in the first place).

(Incidentally, I have no idea how someone would talk about the 'eventual dominance of mirrorless' when camera equipped smartphone sales were 210m (yes million) and mirrorless sales were 600k (yes thousand) in the first quarter.)

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