Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Smaller sensor almost killed Nikon in the pro market

jtan163 wrote:

PerL wrote:

I dont disagree with that, but the article the OP refered to predicted that Canon and Nikon and DSLRs in general will be gone in ten years time, which is a little more drastic.


Actually, no.

The article said that EITHER canon or nikon would not exist in 10 years. EITHER not AND.

Here's the paragraph:

Each story is different in details, but the overall trajectory is the same. Ten years from now, it’s very likely that either Canon or Nikon won’t exist as a camera manufacturer.


He also says:

" Today I’ll tell you why that future camera probably won’t have the name Canon or Nikon on the body in 10 years."


"If it seems far-fetched that I am predicting the demise of Canon and/or Nikon in the camera industry, consider this."

The article does not predict the demise of the DSLR, more the rise and eventual domination of the mirrorless. I tend to agree.

DSLRs will probably still get manufactured and sold to niche markets.
Sort of like pure manual focus cameras are getting built today - think Leica.

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