Get the 7D or wait for the rumored 70D?

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Re: Get the 7D or wait for the rumored 70D?

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Hello all!

Well I've been enjoying my T4i (and my T3i before that) and have taken some really amazing pictures with them both. However, I find myself wanting a bigger camera with more controls on it and also something that may shoot a little faster for the boat, car, and motorcycle races I go to. I don't really consider the 60D to be that much better than the T4i I have now so I was looking at the 7D. That truly looks to be a great camera and was just wondering if it would be a good upgrade for me or if I should wait for the rumored 70D? My only concerns are that the 7D is a little older (3 1/2 years i think?) and I just want to make sure with it being that old that it would still be considered a good upgrade for me? On the other hand I have to also consider cost as I'm sure the 70D will cost a pretty penny too and I'm not too sure I could afford that. So I'm just looking for some opinions.


Just wondering why you upgraded from the T3i to the T4i?

The 7D would certainly be a step up from the T4i in terms of frame rate, buffer size, AF system and controls.

It's hard to guess which way Canon will go with the 70D

If the 70D is too much like the 7D, then what does Canon do until the 7D Mk II comes out?

Does the 70D leap frog the 7D, allowing both in the line up until Canon comes out with an even higher end 7D Mk II.

Or does Canon keep the 60D size and controls, frame rate, upgrade the sensor and AF slightly, add GPS, Wi-Fi, touch screen and call that the 70D.

In my mind the 6D could have easily been called the 70D.

So, who knows which way Canon will go, and how long it will take them to do it.

How many photos will you miss by waiting?

Going back to my first question, your answer to that will probably guide you to the answer that even if the 7D is good enough (it is), you probably will be left wanting for the latest and greatest when Canon introduces it.

So unless you learned from your T3i to T4i experience, I would suggest you just wait and see.

The upgrade from the T3i to the T4i was 2 parts. First, and more importantly, was the upgraded AF points. I know not many people say there is a performance difference but I think there was and I'm happy I made the change. Secondly, I was intrigued by the touchscreen. And although I use it a lot, it's not a feature I mind giving up for even further AF upgrade and more FPS

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