Canikon another dinosaur?

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Argument against DVDs and CDs

nzmacro wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

Canon and Nikon have no problem


Those DLSR lenses are like LPs (records).   They will always work, and some will prefer them, but records were mostly replaced by smaller CDs...which are now being replaced by MP3 (which mostly have lesser quality).

Sure DSLR lenses will work on mirrorless cameras, but in few years almost everyone will prefer smaller/optimized mirrorless lenses.

When it comes to long fast lenses m4/3, NEX and mirrorless is the LP and DSLR's are the DVD's.

There are no native lenses for m4/3, NEX or mirroless that will convince a lot of serious nature and sports shooters and then there is that sensor size. I shoot next to them all the time mate and what they take at the ISO's they use is quite amazing to see and they still crop heavily.

Without the lenses, it just doesn't stack up for mirrorless. Canon and Nikon have that market sewn up and people are already addicted to the lenses they have.

All the best and the DSLR for nature and sports is going nowhere


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I think you need to understand the article was talking about in 10 years and not today.

I remember when everyone said DVDs will never catch on because all the good movies were only on VHS.  Several studios were holding out, and only a handful of new releases were coming out on DVD (remember the original DiVX? which was going stop DVD before it started).

Same thing with CDs.  People said they would not catch on because Analog LPs sounded better and bands like The Beatles were not releasing music on CD.

"the DSLR for nature... is going nowhere"

Oh, you switched to DSLRs?

(Here is what is ironic.  Danny uses mirrorless for nature photography and I use a DLSR for my sports....yet we argue the opposite...go figure)

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