Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Grandpappy-gear

PerL wrote:

When the dslr becomes grandpappy-gear it will no longer be cool.  This is no matter how well it works, people came to laugh at the plate glass camera as much as the Graphlex is about to start a riot if seen used in public these days.

Actually I believe that young ambitious professionals today are more likely to want to use the heavy duty pro stuff from Nikon and Canon.

Choosing conivience and comfort in carrying over results and performance is more like grandpa-style, I would say.

Worth a grin on a contentious topic.

I know that struggling to a shoot with a great big camera sporting an even bigger lens and a big bag of accessories surely gets more respect and a bigger fee than any EVIL-type camera with a miniature lens.

That need to impress the client will keep the dslr camera in business for a while yet. We now know why the young professionals on the make find it obligatory to own a Canon 70-200 f2.8 L - apart from it being a great lens of course.

I might wonder if some clued up manufacturer could make a convincing looking case into which a small Evil-type camera could be hidden discreetly so as to preserve the professional look?

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