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A number of years back....maybe 10....when I was struggling to keep an old Epson 3000 (not current R3000) dye printer running...and people were just beginning to wrestle with the clogging issue and little was well established....I bought a "Kit" whose main "magic bullet" was a highly hyped "special" cleaning fluid...highly priced of course.

When I got it I smelled it.....and smelled a to speak.  To testing it turned out to be the single most universal solvent that exists on this planet.....pure water!  Certainly ther most, on a per ounce basis, I ever paid for water!

Subsequent clogs over a decade caused me to have the heads worked on or replaced 3 or more serious expense.

I still have two of the old 3000's....still printing dye ink through them....don't use them much and the ink carts are over 2 years old in both, a BAD combination.  I recently went through the resurrection process....both were clogged in the black print head, and one in the color head also.  I unplugged the units when the print heads were off the rest pads, filled the rest pads/cup with Windex, and 24 hours later both were printing fine.

"MAGIC BULLET"?  I am skeptical that it is, in fact, something quite readily available....for a LOT less money.  Do your research on the TONS of info available online, including here, on fixing clogs.  Or spend your money.  After all, it is only money.

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