Recommendation for new hobbiest: NEX or DSLR?

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Re: Recommendation for new hobbiest: NEX or DSLR?

First, I sold off my A850 and lenses to go NEX all the way so I've been there.

GaryW wrote:

Faketastic wrote:

I would have a hard time recommending the NEX system to someone new to photography.

The system is still too limited to suit everyone. What if he wants to do serious flash photography?

Nex-6 and 7 have better flash support.

What? My ring won't fit on any of the NEX lenses. I need an adapter for my Metz. And even if it works it's really to heavy to use. Does NEX do wireless flash?

Or wild life?

EA2 adapter, then you have all A-mount lenses to chose from.  I used the EA1 and with manual focus did an airshow.  I got a lot of misses, but with an EA2, it wouldn't have been different than a Sony DSLT.

To suggest that a newbie should get an adapter which is more than the lens and makes the "package" more akward to handle is poor advice. To use manual focus only is also bad advice.

I always joking that if you want to learn photography, start with shooting slides.

A low end Sony Alpha or a used A77 and a decent zoom is a good starting point.

Worst-case with the Nex, if it was found to be limiting, you'd have to sell the equipment and re-buy in the system you want.  But chances are he'd buy a new camera after a couple of years anyway.  As long as it doesn't put you in a financial bind, it shouldn't be too tragic.

I guess what I object to is this sense of, "If I don't get a DSLR, then I'll be stuck and *can't* do something."  There are some obscure accessories and lenses that are probably only available for Canikon cameras.  If you really want to be sure that you're never stuck where you can't do something, that would be the way to go.  Some people would complain on the Sony DSLR  forum about things lacking in Sony's DSLR and DSLT line (such as ring flash for macro work or larger exposure bracketing), so just going for a DSLR won't necessarily cover "everything".

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Gary W.

I would say, buy a cheap Alpha with kit lens + 35/1.8 to learn. Then add a NEX + LA-EA1 +nice prime if he gets hooked. The cheap Alpha is as much as the LA-EA2 here almost

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