Death of the Nikon A?

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Re: Death of the Nikon A?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

I guess DSLR's arent dead after all.  The mirrorless fanboys do exaggerate.

No I never thought I said they were dead, merely on their way to oblivion even if it takes 5-10 years to get there.  Longer than phasing out film I would reckon.

And what's going to replace the dead SLR's?  You DO know that ONLY Canon and Nikon are turning profits now, right?  Panasonic is losing enormous amounts of money, as is Olympus (in their camera division).  Sony, they arent making any money with cameras and neither is Fujifilm.

Canon and Nikon are making profits from their cameras.  Yet the SLR haters keep saying they are dying, over and over and over again, while the mirrorless makers shed billions of yen every year.

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