Canikon another dinosaur?

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Interesting article on MFT and why it will outlast Canon & Nikon, some of his argument is sound

As all the respondents to this thread are probably camera enthusiasts, or they wouldn't be in a DPR forum in the first place, most of the arguments in this thread are likely to be based on what enthusiasts want, or think they want.

Now if you asked my children (both mid 20s) what they think, they would tell you that they think even the concept of M4/3 or NEX or EOS M, or Nikon 1 is a dinosaur.  Why?  Because unless you are an enthusiast then the thought of having to handle anything that requires lens changing, or having to understand what shutter speed and apertures do, or let alone the complexities of RAW formats and the need for PP, is complete nonsense. Now (you, me and other enthusiasts) currently love this kind of stuff but for how much longer?  As an example look at HiFi.  When I left university most of my peers aspired to two, maybe three things - a car, a good HiFi and perhaps a camera.  What has since happened to the HiFi market? A few esoteric and very expensive products sit at the very top end and everyone else is happy with their iPhones (or similar).  Audio quality? Who really gives a s**t!  It's good enough.

So all those people who just wanted a camera to record their kids and were sold Olympus OM-Is or Canon AE-1s because that's the only way they could get half decent photos, what happened to them?  Well a few became enthusiasts of course but the vast majority bought a digital compact as soon as those became available and put the OM-1 in a cupboard somewhere.  And newcomers to whom film was as archaic as a wax drum for music, what did they do?  Yes, we're back to the smartphone with its built in camera again. And if they do want a bit more zoom they might just buy a bridge camera.  50x zoom, relatively small, inexpensive and the IQ is fine for most purposes.

So the dilemma for Canon and Nikon is not how to make equipment that is attractive for DPR readers but how to make it attractive to our children and theirs.  Catering just for a group of enthusiasts who are rapidly ageing is rather like Toyota banking their total business plan on the desires of the classic car market. And as for the Pro market, well 1) it is tiny, and 2) they are far less hung up about equipment will use whatever works (as long as they can still get paid).

Sorry folks, unfortunately just tinkering with marginally smaller formats or getting mirrorless cameras to focus slightly faster just isn't going to cut it.

Well said.

Note also the locking in of users to lens mount systems.  Those that are locked in to Nikon or Canon mounts need to feel that they defend their turf.  But as noted a new generation not already locked in to a dslr mount system might more likely lock themself into the M4/3 or NEX or whatever rather than the dslr which may start looking like that dinosauer to them.  Just as much as those that love their dslr-capable lenses love them to bits so will (eg:) M4/3 camera system owners become equally locked in to their M4/3 lens stock and be just as happy.  When the dslr becomes grandpappy-gear it will no longer be cool.  This is no matter how well it works, people came to laugh at the plate glass camera as much as the Graphlex is about to start a riot if seen used in public these days.

So I am not a dslr hater or killer-off.  I have a great collection of Canon EF lenses that I really respect.  I just get more fun out of them these days using them on a NEX6 and electronic lens adapter.

My guess is that my NEX6 as an aps-c camera captures as good and image as my aps-c Canon dslr body using the same lenses - that is what it is all about for Canon.

Canon could make a better EVIL-type body for its EF lenses but simply chooses not to do so whilst it can still raise premium prices for dslr bodies.

As the original article states many companies will follow their refined established technology to their death rather than introduce themself to new technology that might compete with their present image and customer base.  It is nothing to do whether dslr or EVIL-type is better.  If Canon did decide to make a professional level EVIL-type camera then its customer base would have a choice and the market would decide which they preferred.  Those that wanted a dslr could keep on buying them (great) and those that wanted to fly with the EVIL-type version could buy them.  It is more the reluctance of the dslr manufacturers to grasp the nettle that is the observation.

If Nikon and Canon choose not to offer high level EVIL-type cameras then they risk a new generation of consumers locking into a different mount system than theirs.  Their problem, not ours to argue about.

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