RX1 vs D600 w/Sigma 35/1.4

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Re: Another note re RX1 "macro"

JamesD2 wrote:

The thread "is" lost on me I'm afraid. I don't see much point in pitting one camera against another, particularly when they're are both such different types of cameras. I can see one comparing a Panasonic FZ200 to a Sony HX50, both being ultra zoom bridge cameras. But comparing a compact fixed lens camera to dslr is somehow odd to me. Just me, I guess.

Makes perfect sense to me. Lets say someone has a D600 or similar DSLR and loves the image quality. Maybe they're interested in either adding a smaller, lighter camera for situations where they don't want to carry their whole DSLR kit. Or maybe they're a retired pro who realizes he's sick of carrying a DSLR and wants to replace it altogether. And he's aware of the compromises in speed and versatility that something like the RX1 entails and is OK with that, but he really loves the IQ from his DSLRs and doesn't want to settle for something with IQ that he's not satisfied with. So, understanding the many differences between an RX1 and a D600, he just wants to know whether he's giving anything up in terms of the IQ of the final image and, if so, how much.

I think its a perfectly reasonable question. It would be silly to ask "D600 or RX1 - which is the better camera"? Because the only answer to that question is "for what"? But just asking how much one might give up in terms of IQ is a discrete enough question with enough possible reasonable purposes, that I don't see how one could object to it.


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