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Re: Considering Canon

You are doing this upside down. You should first look at this from the perspective of buying into a system. So you need to consider what you take pictures of, and look at the available lenses. Cameras come and go, but lenses tend to stay a little longer...

From what you describe, I don´t think you need full-frame? But if you want to go down that route, several brands make very nice full frame cameras, and very nice lenses to go with them.

In the end, almost any brand will have what you need. For general purposes, a general camera and general zoom lens will do. Go to a store and try a few options, see how different cameras handle, you would be surprised, quite often it is much more important how a camera rests and handles in your hands, then puerile discussions about small differences...

If you check a couple of reputable magazines, read the reviews, you will see that for example the EOS 6D gets about 90% and the Nikon D600 about 1% more or less. Insignificant, really.

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