I have a Canon T4i, but I'm thinking of getting a D7100. Need Help!

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Re: I have a Canon T4i, but I'm thinking of getting a D7100. Need Help!

Okay this is my first post (after reading quietly in the background) and I apologize for my english (I'm not a native speaker). I moved up from Canon T4i to Nikon D7100 - and yeah, my pictures are getting better. But I don't think that it's the reason because I switched the camera. The reason is, that I switched my lenses: From zoom to fixed focal length.

Here are my recent experiences:

- It's much easier to access all functions. After reading the camera guide I could change nearly every setting without using a menu. This is one real advantage because you can control the camera much faster.

- I like the bigger viewfinder. It's much easier for me now to see, if I hit the focus.

- I really like the big amount of auto-focus sensors. If you already used the 9 Sensors (which I did with my T4i) you will love the big range of auto-focus sensors.

- Using lenses with better apertues (I'm using the 35mm F1.8 as a standard lens, the AF 50mm F.14d for portraits and the Tamron 90mm VC 2.8 USD Macro) is the biggest advantage so far. And even Canon would have offer me such lenses. But I had to start from the beginning (after I've sold my lenses) and that's one reason why I was interested in the Nikon (Because it's the newest prosumer APS-C). I used the Canon 24-105 F4 IS and the 70-200 F4 and after on week with my new camera and new lenses I can tell you, that those old lenses just never quite fit into my way of photography. They produced really sharp pictures but I alread had problems with the noise at higher ISO.

- Noise: In my opinion I dont see a big advantage of the D7100 compared to the Canon. Maybe there is a better noise performance but I couldn't finde this in real life. But I have to mention: I'm not a pixel peeper.

My conclusion: I had to sell my lenses for Canon because they coulnd't make me happy. And after I've sold all lenses I thought: Why not look in neigbours garden? I lost 25 - 35 of my money (compared to the prices I paid for my Canon lenses and the body) and you should think about your glasses you got for Canon. If you got some really good lenses (... and my Canon lenses were good, but they would be better on a full-frame camera, which I can't afford), then stick with Canon.

But if you are willing to switch and if you would use those advantages I mentioned before, the Nikon will offer you a lot of fun. Oh and by the way: I agree with you, that Canon offers no real upgrade to the T4i. The 60D and 7D are a bit old fashioned. Comparing only the camera in this area (I mean 60D, 7D etc., not the profesionall cameras) Nikon is actual ahead. Compared to lenses I don't know, which one is really ahead. In my budget they are even (Because I'm not interested in spending over 2000$ in a lens).

Last but not least: Feel free to look in my clickr account (I've uploaded some macros): http://www.flickr.com/photos/34111854@N02/

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