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The "old" Fuji S5 Pro, however, retains a full 13 stops of DR up to ISO 800. However, the Fuji S5 Pro's DR is still no match for modern cameras at ISOs higher than ISO 800. Its DR really falls off a cliff as it approaches ISO 1600.

But usually as a general rule cameras that start HIGH in DR do better than the ones that don't. The S5 probably has the peculiarity given it's two sensors in one, effectively doing a hardware bracketing.

The Super CCD sensor in the Fuji S-Pro series isn't really two sensors in one.

When I say it is "two sensors in one" I mean that you have two photo sites distributed on the surface of one sensor. Yes, that's roughly the equivalent of saying that.

They cleverly distributed two different size pixels on the same sensor plane. The S5 Pro in particular has wider DR from base ISO to ISO 800 than any camera available today (14 stops).

So it not only "starts higher," as you put it, it STAYS higher right through the most widely used ISO range.

I am not necessarily disputing that (in fact I am not, I am assuming for a second your claim is true).  My point was simply that such behavior is an exception, not the rule. Given how the sensor is built with the photosites, it's reasonable to see some exceptions.

The Achilles Heel of the S5-Pro is its interpolated 12MP of resolution. It's really a 6MP camera. Although the in-camera interpolation of the raw files is quite good if not excellent, there's some noticeable stair-stepping, false detail, etc. At 6MP, though, it remains a great camera. Its current pricing on the used market shows it's still in demand.

Well yeah (on the resolution).  I had the F700, F710 (which had an SR sensor at the P&S level).

In general what I said stands- cameras that start high in DR at low iSO do better in DR at high iso than other cameras at high iso- in general.

- Steve

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