Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Canikon another dinosaur?

There is no way either company will risk resting on its laurels and risk substantial capital investment.  They must and will continue to innovate and provide the products that their existing customer's demand while remaining on the bleeding edge of what is technologically practicable in producing economies of scale, attempting to anticipate the evolving needs of future markets.  Feasibility of this proposition has little to do with 4/3rd's because they are not even a statistically relevant player in the market.

4/3rds faces substantial competition from both the optimal convenience of improving portability/functionality and technological innovation from the smart phone industry (or other unforeseen future technological innovation that makes carrying a separate imaging system, redundant), and pressure from above from full frame, ultimate IQ/fastest capture acquistions, etc (I am not attempting to debate the strides that mirrorless or 4/3rds have made in bridging the gap, only pointing out that both are continuing to advance their capacities and that DSLR has substantially more latitude to evolve) and restrained the least by diffraction limited optics.

Trying to strike a balance between IQ and portability is tantamount to striving for mediocrity.  It ensures failure in any ultimate achievement by providing a system, neither compact enough to pocket, nor appreciably more capable for those who demand the highest performance the industry has to offer.  This race to the middle with eradicate itself through inefficiencies, and competing redundant technology companies who continue to extol the virtues of carrying multiple lenses leaving both the casual shooter and the sophisticated enthusiast with little desire to carry a system mired in a stark compromises of both.

4/3 is just too big and too small at the same time.  It has failed to make any demonstrable market penetration because meets neither market's requirement, and the "collaborative effort," (termed loosely) appears apt to compete against itself into relative obscurity and no meaning roadmap for long term viability.  How long with each company continue to sink capital into an investment with no appreciable rate of return? One year, two, five?  Your guess is as good as mine, but at present, they are not making money for their investors from any of the data I am privy to.

Just as pocketable P&S continue to been squeezed out by smart phones from below (for their diminutive size and the reality that we all carry one, anyway), and above by hitting the diffraction wall, so too will 4/3rds.  It is the middle tier that is most susceptible to being made redundant.  APS-C may be next, but if DSLR ultimately loses market share by lacking any meaningful relevance in the long run, it will not be because of any disruptive technologies that 4/3's has to bear at present.  In the future, the companies with the most to lose will not relinquish their market share by remaining dormant and will continue to innovative just as they have been since the beginning of the digital revolution.  If they go down, it is because the consumer base will be wholly content with the capabilities of convenience over function.

Just as CD's that have become largely irrelevant it has little to do with their acoustic qualities, it is far more about sheer convenience.  I play them  (CD's) for my kids and they can audibly appreciate acoustical superiority, they just don't care.  They are equally unenthused by the prospect of learning a system and carrying a camera that requires multiple lens changes - even if they observe a stark superiority in images as small as an instagram post, again, they just don't care.

The Sun Times reporters were not offered smaller cameras (AFAIK), the photo staff were laid off entirely, and the reporters were trained in iphone capability.  The wisdom of this draconian maneuver remains to be seen, but it has little to do with the capability of either the equipment or the photographers, themselves - 4/3rd's would not have saved them.

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