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MichaelKJ wrote:

I wouldn't underestimate Microsoft and I don't know what you mean by their "attitude." While I'm an Apple person, I think MS is doing their best to innovate and to find ways to remain competitive. While they don't appeal to me, I think Windows 8, Surface and Windows phones all represent serious and non-conservative attempts to adapt to their competitive threats.

I work in IT and I think Windows 8 was a huge blunder. MS decided to try and combine a tablet OS with a desktop and that is just not conducive to productivity. I thought Windows XP was great in its day, Vista was half-baked, slow and buggy, and Win 7 has been by far the best thing they've released. I do not want to touch my computer screen in addition to using the keyboard and mouse. I do not want to touch my computer screen AT ALL.

You can get the idea when you see the MS ads for Windows 8. They stop obviously computer  semi-illiterates on the street and show them the nifty desktop full of pictures and pop a couple things on the screen.

"Wow, that is really impressive" says the lady who works at the drugstore.

"Awesome!" says the guy who paints houses.

They didn't bring on any IT professionals to show them how 'productive' it is. Or isn't.

Personally I think Microsoft would have had a real winner if they only ran one of the two UIs in win 8 at a time.  IF you had a tablet, you run the "modern ui" or what ever they call it and if you have a desktop you run the normal desktop UI that everyone is used to and is much more productive for people who use their computers for more than just facebook and "pwning noobz".

I still can't believe MS made such a colossal and obvious mistake of trying to use two different UIs at once.  If they had just let some people off the street use Win 8 in front of them they would have realized they were making a mistake in the 5 minutes the people spent trying to find the desktop as the grew more and more p*ssed off.

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