Would you switch brands if an nex sized ff competitor entered the market?

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Re: Fuji's medium format "failures"

Mel Snyder wrote:

Those generations of large-format (120) roll film cameras were part of the incentive program. Of course that meant Fuji needed to keep renewing the lineup.

Interesting! But the market for MF rangefinder cameras must nevertheless have looked good enough for both Mamiya and Zenza to offer systems until quite late into the film era.

BTW, I owned a Fuji GS645 folder like yours, along with the GA645 and GA645zi autofocus models, and of course a GW690 III--along with a Mamiya Six! Really enjoyed them. The last time I was in Japan was 2007, but even then I seemed to recall seeing the occasional group photographer wielding a Fuji MF RF camera (loaded, no doubt, with those special short rolls of film that Fuji sold in Japan)

And thanks for shedding light on an unrelated mystery for me: A few months ago, I was tasked with researching inexpensive color laser printers, and was surprised to find that both the Xerox- and Dell-branded printers used what appeared to be the same Fuji-Xerox engine. Alas, the cartridges were keyed slightly differently so there was no obvious way to interchange them.

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