Recommendation for new hobbiest: NEX or DSLR?

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Re: Recommendation for new hobbiest: NEX or DSLR?

points to consider:

- size: your friend has seen your NEX-6. Not sure if he had a chance to handle a DSLR with zoom lens. Strongly recommend to try and hang it around your neck for a while. Even that will not necessarily tell you if you will get tired of carrying the camera around. I did not want to carry my DSLR anymore once i experienced the NEX-7

- controls: i have a NEX-7 and a Canon 7D. I would say that the 7D has slightly better ergonomics but really the NEX-7 is right there (the NEX-6 is similar with a mode dial instead of the 2 generic assignable wheels). But a lot of this is a matter of personal preference

- AF: if you are after fast AF with tracking then get a DSLR

- do you want a viewfinder or do you prefer to use the LCD screen? if the former then I would either go for NEX-6 or NEX-7, if the latter i would get a NEX-5R

- lenses: if it is critical for your friend to get a decent zoom with particular focal length range then he could start with the lens selection. Also there are other mirrorless systems such as M4/3 or Fuji that might offer the lens options you are after. There are certainly a lot more choices if you go with a Canon or Nikon DSLR.

- as i said i had a Canon 7D before getting a NEX-7. I had a 15-85mm and 70-200mm zoom. It turns out that i did not miss the zooms. In fact i ended up making most of my pictures with the cheap but great Sigma 19mm and 30mm primes. I heard from other NEX users on this forum that if you like zoom the 18-200mm is a good option, although not small or cheap or fast.

- in order to learn photography i actually believe the NEX is great. To some extent i believe the live view has the advantage that it gives you a pretty good impression of how the shot will come out including depth of field. If you make changes to exposure you see the effect immediately. Also the NEX with focus peaking is very good to work with manual focus.

- i currently have a Sony RX100 as second camera. I would even suggest to consider that. You can do almost everything you can do with a NEX or DSLR. The sensor is fairly big and the IQ is very good. But you cannot get a view finder.

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