This doesn't seem sharp to me...

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Re: Stunningly sharp.

exactly. That is how thin the Depth of field is at f2.8 and that focal length.

Richard wrote:

On the edge of the blue cap, you can see the threads, so what happened here was missed focus.

There may be some setting to get better focus, I don't know. There is a setting in the 7d which adjusts the speed in which it tries to refocus, not sure if the 50d has it. There is also going to be a number of misses.

The reason you get a better camera like a 7d or a 1d is the focus is better and in action shots, the number of keepers increases, as you go down the line to the digital rebels, the number of keepers decreases.

CaptiVision Photography wrote:

I took this image with my Canon 50d, in AI SERVO, center focus point and my 70-200 f2.8 IS, with a flash.

1/1000, f2.8, iso 100, 165mm. No PP, straight out of the camera.

Nailed the focus pretty much right between the eyes. He was just on a swing moving back and forth. It doesnt seem sharp, his face seems out of focus to me even though the focus point was smack in the middle of his face.

What do you think?

This is a cropped version of his face.

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