Canikon another dinosaur?

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SkiHound wrote:

Not sure I agree. Though I don't totally disagree with current technology. To me the big differences are the OVF which allows continuous viewing with no interruption and no tearing when panning. And the superior continuous AF tracking. But an E-M5 is held the same, it'll shoot at up to 9-frames / second, it's weather sealed, ... To me, the shooting experience doesn't seem much different than when I use SLRs. I really like the EVF for most use; clear, bright, and provides a lot of information. Again, mirrorless is currently not up to good slr standards for sports/fast action photography. But otherwise...

Different cameras for different purposes. I don't need 'a lot of information' in the viewfinder other than the basics like aperture, shutter speed, ASA, a few things like that. I don't need 'white balance preview' or other things - I need a viewfinder that does the best possible job because I don't have time to analyze the daylights out of each shot before I press the shutter release.

Per dpreview the E-M5's focus tracking is unreliable and the camera doesn't tell you that its focus is locked during burst shooting. I don't need 9 frames per second of missed composition or misfocused photos.

The E-M5 is for other kinds of shooting and while its IQ may pretty much match the Canon APS-C's with their older sensor (does not beat them though) in non-demanding shooting, it is not for the things that a DSLR does best.

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