Canikon another dinosaur?

Started Jun 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Sean Nelson
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Re: Say what?????

Richard wrote:

The m43rds format is going away, why should they spend money competing against something that will go away eventually. Canons answer is for Canon users that already have lenses.

That sounds very much like Microsoft's attitude.   It's precisely that attitude that now has them scrambling to get a bit of a toehold in the in the mobile market before they loose it completely.

I don't think DSLRs are going to disappear, but I think the advantages of smaller mirrorless systems, both for the most typical users and in terms of manufacturing cost, are going to tilt the industry toward them over the coming years.  And the point will come when, if you're not an established manufacturer with a well supported ecosystem, you're really going to miss out on the opportunities the way Microsoft has with the mobile market.

I'm still waiting to see if Canon is ever going to take mirrorless cameras seriously, because their first effort certainly fell flat in my estimation.  It's not a product that can attract new users on its own merits, it's just an attempt to stop existing users from jumping ship.

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