Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Service? and then I read part 1

ryanshoots wrote:

From the article "Moreover, the mediocre customer service and odd warranty policies of firms like Nikon and Canon mean that customers have little brand loyalty beyond the sunk costs of proprietary equipment."

What does Panasonic have in the way of professional services?   They are going to have to get that going to attract pro shooters.  Olympus may have remnants of pro services, but they mostly went away with 4/3 professional shooters.

Do the companies really need to attract many pro shooters? I would have thought most of the money is made selling to joe blog.

... Then I read part one and it all became clear "I confess; I’m a recent convert to the micro four-thirds (m4/3) system."

Yes, for almost 6 whole months he's been a m4/3 user.  What is it about the newly converted that makes them feel the need to proselytize to the masses?  I think it's a sign of insecurity.

There will be a place in the world for FF, APS-C, 4/3 and so on.  I would agree the mirror is going away someday in Nikon and Canon.

Lot's of things missing from the m4/3 lens lineup.  Native tilt shifts, high quality zooms (think Oly SHG level glass).

Lets be fair, do many systems have glass of that standard? I would have said a few of the primes as well as the two panny zooms measure up pretty well to the top Canikon glass. I would like a native shift lens though.

Probably the soonest that is a reality for the pro is when Oly releases a body that will AF it properly.   Sportsshooters are not being served at all by the current m4/3 market.  AF sucks for them and the small sensor requires crazy fast glass to get the thin DOF they want.

My 35-100mm gets DoF thin enough doing sports that if someones face is in focus the hand carrying/foot kicking/bat is already out of focus. How thin do you really need?

Go read John A_G's posts to get a sense of a good sports setup.

How about a good flash system for Panasonic?  I think Olympus' is fairly solid though.

Panasonic can use olympus flashes and the new cameras can also remotely fire them in the same way AFAIK.

And yes you're not as locked in on glass, but sometimes there are issues such as:  No automatic CA correction when mixing and matching body manufacturers and lens manufacturers, or chattering aperture complaints (rattlesnaking I believe it's been called).  Lenses larger than you need because they include IS, but your body already has it.

Do you really thing IS takes up that much space? Go compare the panny 45-150 to the olympus 45-150.

To a small extent m4/3 is Android and Nikon or Canon are Apple as far as the hardware goes.  Both approaches work.

If Pentax is still in existence, how bad do things have to get for DSLR's before Nikon and Canon fold up shop?

Also tired of the cliche of writing an article espousing economic principles from mba programs to try to make your points seem well thought out.  Very very common theme among bloggers.  That is only slightly less cliche than another shot of antelope canyon with light illuminating the dust.  Both make me want to vomit.

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