Recommendation for new hobbiest: NEX or DSLR?

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Re: Recommendation for new hobbyist: NEX or DSLR?

DtEW wrote:

So the problem is that while I think the NEX is easier to learn and can really accelerate the growth of an incoming photographer... it also tends to turn these people into whiners ("why can't the NEX do this?!  Why can't the NEX do that?!  It should be just an easy software tweak!") that don't realize that they might otherwise have ended up like millions of people with Canon Rebels and low-end Nikon dSLRs, wielding it like a P&S on Auto... daunted by its complexities and kludges that originate from its SLR forebearers, afraid/loathe to dig deeper to strive for mastery.

LOL.  Point taken.

Therefore I'd say the NEX-6 is a good place to start.  If your friend stays a casual shooter (not even a hobbyist), the NEX-6 will meet his needs and go with him to more places than any dSLR. If he becomes a hobbyist and starts exploring the 6, he might progress pretty quickly (probably faster than if he started with a dSLR) and master the 6.  There is also the possibility that he might outgrow/whine about the NEX for the things he can't do (but see dSLRs doing), not realizing the advantages that he had with the 6 that got him so quickly and effortlessly to this point.

Good points.  Thanks for your thoughts.

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