Would you switch brands if an nex sized ff competitor entered the market?

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Re: Would you switch brands if an nex sized ff competitor entered the market?

Good points though the analogy with film is rather moot considering that the resolution of digital surpassed 35mm some years ago even in APS C sized sensors.

If the final image has the resolution you require at the ISO that is usable, why push for a FF sensor?

The only possible plus for a FF sensor I can see is to give limited depth of field, which is fine if you're ok with binning a proportion of your shots because the focus was off the subject.

Trust me I've been there when the original 5D came out; great camera, great sensor but you really have to know what your aperture is up to otherwise you're going to be constantly frustrated by misfocussed shots.

Keit ll wrote:

The simple reason why some want a compact FF is that they can remember using such a camera back in the old film days ! 35mm film cameras were not particularly large especially the rangefinder types.

It's true that there was not such a general obsession for having long telephoto lenses , 135mm was the longest that most people stretched to.

If you can cast your mind back the first attempts to make digital cameras were based on putting digital sensors in place of the film frame but this failed because the early sensor lacked suitable microlenses. This problem still persists today but in a milder form where wide angle lenses perform less well in comparison to normal or telephoto lenses.

This issue could probably be resolved with more intense development of microlenses & Leica have put some effort into this in order to make their rangefinder , short registration , lenses work on the M9  & later cameras. For some reason most camera & sensor manufacturers have neglected this problem. One avenue worth exploring is the development of flexible sensors & it may be possible to look again at this problem & produce curved sensors & suitable lenses which are mated to their requirements.

In film cameras , even quite large aperture types, lenses were relatively compact & even with Image Stabilisation & in-lens focus motors lenses could be made smaller with the appropriate effort. The Sony RX-1 has shown that compact FF digital cameras are feasible & ,provided  that photographers are prepared to make some compromises , a full Compact system is possible.


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