Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: a very silly article

Just Having Fun wrote:

mferencz wrote:

The mere fact that you opened this post and responded to it tells me your concerned enough to take the 30 seconds out of your life which it entails.  If the article was just nonsense I would assume that wouldn't be the case.

Maybe some one should clue him in on this...

Phase-detection autofocus (even using still targets and center-point only) wasn’t nearly as accurate as contrast detection.

If you want the most accurate focusing you need CDAF.  Even manual focusing is not better...

The contrast-detection autofocus was about as accurate as the most careful manual focusing.

As long as you have time for CDAF it's great. Unfortunately it's far too slow for some kinds of photography - and anyhow, I don't see any huge deficit of sharpness in DSLR's with their phase detect.

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