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Re: Service? and then I read part 1

ryanshoots wrote:

... Then I read part one and it all became clear "I confess; I’m a recent convert to the micro four-thirds (m4/3) system."

Yes, for almost 6 whole months he's been a m4/3 user.  What is it about the newly converted that makes them feel the need to proselytize to the masses?  I think it's a sign of insecurity.

I keep telling those people to take their pamphlets and knock on someone else's door.

Over and over the people who don't use DSLR's are trotting out all their arguments and reasons why the DSLR is going away. You're right - it's all about their insecurity. They are bound and determined to prove that they bought the right camera type by trying to knock down DSLR's or try to prove that they are going to go away.

And someone mentioned 'the demand for smaller cameras.' I don't know where this is coming from... I don't want a smaller camera, I want something that's large enough to have plenty of body controls and be easy to hold and handle. Funny that so many times I see people showing off their m43 and other smaller cameras by putting a huge lens on it and an add-on viewfinder that looks like some kind of plumbing.

The DSLR is going to be around until the manufacturers can make an EVF that is brighter, faster, clearer, and uses less power (<zero) than light itself.

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