NEX-6 major design flaw

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Re: Mike - It's not a 'flaw' but I agree with you...

kaiser soze wrote:

franzel wrote:

kaiser soze wrote:

Why is this behavior annoying? Why can't you just switch it to MF ?

Sorry mate, but that is a bit silly, even if your Nex model has an AF/MF switch .

Many times, one will not remember that AF is disabled, not notice a slight blur on the display or VF, and happily take blurry pictures .

Now where did I read this: If Focus Peaking is enabled, highlighting will be visible only if MF or DMF is selected. If the AF Illuminator is set to Auto, then assuming a shooting mode where the AF Illuminator is allowed to be used, you can cause the AF illuminator indication to appear on the display by placing your hand over the lens. This indication reveals that either AF or DMF is selected. If you see this indication simultaneously with the highlighting, you know that DMF is selected.

Not to suggest that this is a perfect solution.

It's not a solution, period .

This is an amateur forum, with few members who are familiar with the requirements for using a camera  efficiently . Hence, susggestions like this one come up .

Yes, and if everyone gave their lists of wants, and Sony gave everyone what they wanted, the menus would get even more complex, and then everyone would complain about that, which they already do at many opportunities.

The Nex menues and UI are not complex, only very poorly designed .

Within 30 minutes, any experienced photogh could transform the Nex software into something usable, if an editor was provided .

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