Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Say what?????

Just Having Fun wrote:

Richard wrote:

novaoz wrote:

Interesting article on MFT and why it will outlast Canon & Nikon, some of his argument is sound

His arguments are silly.

m4/3rds has no advantages over Canon ....Canon and Nikon have answered with their own mirrorless.

You mean the very slow focusing Canon that uses Full Frame lenses?  You call that an answer??

The m43rds format is going away, why should they spend money competing against something that will go away eventually. Canons answer is for Canon users that already have lenses.

I will tell you one of the biggest advantage on paper that m4/3rds is that the lenses are interchangeable across brands.

But they have done nothing to capitalize on this. They all produce the same lenses, just different brands.

So Both Panasonic and Olympus both make 75mm primes?   Both make F/2.8 zooms?  Do they also make F/.95 lenses?  What do you mean by same lenses?

Meaning that Nikon and Canon have superior lens selection. The m4/3rds selections include redundant coverage. Does m43 cover 400 2.8 or 600 4.0

Not to mention lesser IQ, and a host of other problems, no OVF and such.

what advantage will m43rds have? Size/weight to combat all the downsides.

Well, the current M43 sensors are better than the Canon APS sensors (DxO rates 71to 62).  CDAF cameras focus more accurately than the most expensive Canon cameras/lenses (proven in the DPR article)...and then there is the size and weight.

Which is why their Oly is not making good profit of them, and why demand is down in the US.

I say it will die off.

Just like CDs...after they wiped out LPs. 

LP's are still around, and you will probably see m43 around too, but if it were a good format, it would have taken off by now. It is a tweener camera. Between cameraphones/pocket cameras and dslr, it will continue to be squeezed until there is nothing left. DSLR will get smaller (and pros cameras will remain their large selves) live view will get better, both will squeeze m43. Cameraphones quality will get better and we are already seeing pocketable cameras like the R100 and LX7 thrive.

The only way m43 will survive is if the price drops to 200-300 and compete with pocket cameras, even then, pocket cameras you can put in your pocket, again squeeze.

I hope the format survives because I think it is best we have choice, but I think it will go away just like the dinosaurs just the opposite of what the OP was saying, they are already on the decline here in the US, just an opinion.

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