Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Canikon another dinosaur?

I don't know. Some times the optimism I see for M43, paired with this open distain for DSLRs, sounds a lot like the netbook craze from a few years back; remember how *everyone* was going to toss out their clunky expensive laptops for the wonders of cheap, lightweight netbooks? Can you hear even now the faint echo from the many many forum threads joyfully proclaiming the demise of Apple if a *real* mac netbook wasn't soon forthcoming? Yeah, me too.

Then as now, those who desire the revolution may be correct in its coming but very wrong about its nature and its winners.

For netbooks the real threat was from smartphones, tablets and cheaper lighter full-service laptops. Apple and Samsung won, not Asus and the like.

Now I'm not saying that M43 is an analog to netbooks... although the cramped mushy buttons do hold a striking resemblance. Anyway, I can see how M43 is likely to retain the advantage of small size (as did netbooks) but I think the game is still afoot for the advantages of lightweight and especially less expensive.

For example, maybe DSLRs can't ever be as light as M43 but then again maybe the real market winning question is can they get light enough while offering something else, say better ergonomics and battery life, that people will want them anyway?

I would gladly forego any current M43 kit if I could just loose 1/2 the weight of my current DSLR kit; poundage bothers me far more than size. Indeed, I see my big hand-full of a camera with its well placed controls as being much more helpful to my photography than is the ability to put my other camera in my pocket.

I really do love my X100 (and my buddy's often-borrowed OM-D) for a lot of sound photographic reasons, but at the same time I love my D800 that much more. So far I'm fortunate enough to play on both sides, in which case I don't feel like we're anywhere near having The Camera to replace them both or even being able to call which way things will go in the future.

I hope this great camera comes about though. Soon. I don't mind firing up ebay.

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