Canon 6D: Why is the interface so badly broken?

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Re: Like the zoom, not the little buttons

I like the zoom on my 6d much more than on my 7d. I really like that with one push I can get a 100% look at the focus point and then using the wheel I can change the zoom much faster and easier than on the 7d.

I don't like that the buttons above the lower wheel are so small. That is especially a problem during night photography.

I like that the 6d is light and small and cheap for a FF. You can't have all that and lots of big buttons too.

I also like the pop up explanations of the menu options in quick mode.

Wifi has been a disappointment. I hoped to use it for wireless shutter release but the interface is so difficult and annoying that I gave up on it.

For those who think Canon dumbed down to entice more customers to buy the more expensive 5d3 instead, I don't think so. Canon wants to sell as many cameras as possible and to do that they need to make their cameras more desirable than those from Nikon, Sony, and all of their other competitors. That is their competition, not the 5d3.

The 6d is the lowest price FF SLR of its caliber on the market. That was not an accident. That was Canon's goal. It was an excellent goal and they accomplished it well. They couldn't offer the cheapest good slr and have it include all of the bells and whistles and big buttons of the 5d3. If they could, then they just make the 5d3 cheaper and smaller and lighter and then they would sell even more of them.

We used to have three good Canon cameras to choose from, 1d, 5d, 7d. Now, because of the 6d, we have four cameras to choose from. It is an easy decision: Are you going to be happy to have that fourth camera option or are you going to be unhappy to have the fourth camera option?

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