Canon 6D: Why is the interface so badly broken?

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Re: Thanks for all the feedback!

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Realizing that no one can convince you otherwise, I'm just curious what you think of the fact that 1) neither the 40D, 50D nor 60D have buttons on the left hand side, and 2) those buttons disappeared at exactly the same time the 3" screen came along, and 3) the body of the 6D is suspiciously similar to the body of the 60D, and 4) the 5DIII and 6D bodies are actually different in size, and 5) the price of the 60D and 6D are more similar to each other than the 5DIII to the 6D.

Again, I realize I can't change your mind. But I am curious how these facts don't seem to penetrate your conclusion-making process.

The 40D and 50D have buttons at the bottom, which are easily accessible with the left hand.

The 60D has a variangle LCD, so there's no room for buttons on the left or at the bottom.
While I personally don't like this compromise, it's understandable and serves a good purpose.

The 6D has dead space on both the left and bottom sides, for christ's sake.
So, it's not like the engineers were scratching their heads where to fit those (small) buttons.
Putting all buttons on the right was a conscious decision, make no mistake about it.

I fully understand it but don't agree with it - and hence Canon is not getting $2K from me for the 6D. It's that simple.

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