Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Canikon another dinosaur?

novaoz wrote:

Interesting article on MFT and why it will outlast Canon & Nikon, some of his argument is sound

The disruptive technology that he seems to conveniently forget is actually smartphones. If I were to predict the future, I'd say:

1- Smartphones will continue to have better camera modules on them, thus completely eradicating the P&S and will take potential m43 users completely away (why carry 2 devices especially when one is connected?) *duh

2- Canikon will continue to dominate pro sporting events and weddings because of glass, robust bodies, handling, large OVF and low light performance

m43 will do well as well though, and we may see an uptick in market penetration at the expense of Canikon for novice users IF dealers play ball and have the right incentives to move people towards m43. m43 and others (looking at you Fuji) needs to enhance AF speeds and precision though, drastically.

The author also forgets that a reason why many people chose and stick to Nikon is the backwards compatibility of lenses. I love carrying a D800 with a MF 24 for example. Very small and light, perfect for ad hoc occasions.

His argument against the Nikon 1 (not enough DoF) is laughable. It's what m43 users have been defending themselves against whenever FF people tell them that they have crappy DoF. So now he's using the same argument against smaller sensors? Glass houses... Remember, not everyone is a DoF freak. Some WANT DoF, they don't want their kid half out of focus. So smaller sensor = bigger DoF, coupled with a fast AF... not a bad camera.

With all that said, I'm actually really interested in seeing m43 flourish. My plan is to pick up a EP5 once they are available. And that's where the author also gets it slightly wrong. Lot's of people might buy m43 as a complimentary system, not as a primary one. It's what I'm doing, and others that I know have already done. I don't shoot for money all day every day, so I do want a smaller camera for light occasions. Different tools, different situations.

Lastly, his statement "Ten years from now, it’s very likely that either Canon or Nikon won’t exist as a camera manufacturer. You heard it here first" is ridiculous:

1- They are entering the mirrorless market and have all the technology to do well. They also have the incentive to do well

2- The camera market is shrinking as a whole, we've reached "peak camera". Smartphones are adding to the saturation, and if you were to ask a person to give up their phone of their camera, most would give up their camera

3- It's such a grandiose statement. He's basically saying "if they don't adapt, they will disappear". Golly gee, are people really paying this guy to teach an MBA class? I'm glad he wasn't my teacher, my class would have eaten him alive with such vacuous statements.


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