MACRO adapter for NX lenses & lens shade for NX 30mm f2

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MACRO adapter for NX lenses & lens shade for NX 30mm f2

I'd like to share with you, a macro extension tube(s) that just came in, for NX lenses (and a recommendation for a rubber folding lens shade for the 30mm f2 lens).

I currently own an NX20, but this can be used on any of the NX camera lenses.

It's branded Fotga, and the box says "Electronic lens adapter".  It consists of a 10mm extension and a 16mm extension.  This may not seem like much, compared to the lengths we are used to seeing on legacy (mirrorbox) lens systems.  But keep in mind that the Samsung flange to sensor distance is only 1" (25.5mm).  And adding 26mm effectively doubles that distance.  This 10mm+16mm (26mm extension) kit sells for $54, shipping included.

Now, I only have a 30mm lens on hand, and can only post pics taken with that.  the pics that follow show what you see with the 30mm f2 lens at it's closest focus distance, without, with the 16mm, and with the 16mm+10mm extension tubes.  Focusing "sort of" works... it will hunt, and set itself at closest focus, but you have to move the camera back and forth a little to tweak your focus point: the camera doesn't seem to focus properly with these tubes on, despite there being electrical contacts, for anything farther than macro range/distance.

For the shade, it's hard to find a decent lens shade at a low price for the NX 30mm lens.  I own both a vented aluminum shade, which is compact but doesn't offer much when facing the sun, and a rubber lens hood.  The problem with these hoods, is try to find one for the 43mm filter thread.  But as it turns out, a 46mm hood covers perfectly and is just outside the limit of your field of view, so it doesn't vignet the corners, yet offers maximum protection from the sun. So here's what I got:  46mm rubber lens hood (about $10 on ebay), plus a 43mm to 46mm step-up ring/adapter ($2).

Left to right: perfect size 46mm rubber lens hood on a 43mm-46mm adapter ring, NX20 camera with 30mm f2 lens, 16mm + 10mm macro extension tubes (with electrical contacts).

I apologize for the IQ from my Panasonic TS3 here.  I wasn't really trying - just want to show a quick snapshot of everything I'm talking about here.  None of the photos are edited or adjusted - straight out of the cameras.

Field of view: CLOSEST focus with the 30mm f2 lens, no extender

Here is the field of view with one 16mm extension tube.  I'd guesstimate the magnification ratio to be in the vicinity of 1:2

Field of view:  magnification ratio of 1:1 or a bit better given that the sensor is larger than this keyboard key.  What surprised me, is that you can see the embossing of the letters, which is not visible to the naked eye.  30mm is a wonderful lens.

Unfortunately, the Depth of Field is very shallow, but I think this is to be expected doing any macro photography.  I didn't get my tripod out, so bringing down the opening made for exposure times that are just too long for hand-held and I don't like bringing up the ISO.

Flat view
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