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anirbana wrote:  So, I have a few questions to users of both who could possibly help me

1. What is the best workflow to take advantage of CNX2 s raw conversion and LR's fine tuning - Wiill that be - Open raw in CNX2, do minimum edits that only CNX2 can do better and export as tiff to LR import? If yes, can I use tiff compression since without compression, files are huge.

Imho it does not make sense to use both, so I would suggest choosing one and sticking with it.  For me: High Volume, LR starts becoming attractive; Lower Volume (say a couple of hundred images a weekend), CNX2 looks better.

I use ViewNX2 to view/cull/rate (pretty good for a freebie) and pass keepers to CNX2 (with CEP3).  90% stop there.  The remaining 10% get then 'Opened With'  Topaz Fusion  (usually because of InFocus, Denoise, Clarity or B&W Effects) or PSCS for some advanced pixel editing (say panorama fixing).

2. If I follow step 1, after importing to LR which camera calibration should I select - and If I select one, will that not change the way the tiff looks when it was exported from CNX2. Or is that going to appear as embedded with no option to change (good if that is the case)

Non need: the TIFF iwill have been rendered by CNX2 and it is no longer a raw file, so it would be the base image that you would work on in LR - should you wish to send it there.  The question is whether it  makes sense to.

3. Will the compressed tiff have similar headroom for shadow and highlight recovery as the nef file? I find LR's shadow and highlight recover much better than CNX2 and prefer to do that in LR

Headroom would have been dealt with in CNX2.  If you then sent the TIFF to LR, you could adjust the tonal balance there (which I think is what you are referring to).

4. In CNX2, is there any way to add multiple adjustments like sharpening, color balance and other adjustments into one edit step like say I am using a selection or brush in CNX2? Like stacking or linking adjustments?

Yes and yes.  For instance richt click on the selection, copy.  Add a new adjustment, right click, paste.  If you get serious about CNX2 you should buy Jason Odell's ebook .  A bit dated but still the best reference around, imo.


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