NEX-6 major design flaw

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Re: Mike - It's not a 'flaw' but I agree with you...

franzel wrote:

kaiser soze wrote:

Why is this behavior annoying? Why can't you just switch it to MF ?

Sorry mate, but that is a bit silly, even if your Nex model has an AF/MF switch .

No apology necessary

Many times, one will not remember that AF is disabled, not notice a slight blur on the display or VF, and happily take blurry pictures .

Now where did I read this: If Focus Peaking is enabled, highlighting will be visible only if MF or DMF is selected. If the AF Illuminator is set to Auto, then assuming a shooting mode where the AF Illuminator is allowed to be used, you can cause the AF illuminator indication to appear on the display by placing your hand over the lens. This indication reveals that either AF or DMF is selected. If you see this indication simultaneously with the highlighting, you know that DMF is selected.

Not to suggest that this is a perfect solution. Only that as long as you are always aware of the possibility of having switched to MF, that it isn't really very difficult to figure out which method is active. Again, by no means is this a perfect solution. It requires you to be always on the alert for MF and to push a button to make it go away.

Also, it is one more, and completely unnecessary, adjustment to make before shooting .

Yep, it is a workaround, to address the enormous and obvious problem with not being able to disable prefocus.

I leave it on AF, no big deal, but it is yet another flaw of the Nex UI .

A flaw, because I don't believe anyone at Sony spend any thought on it .

Whether they did or did not, that in and of itself doesn't make it a flaw. They could potentially have got this right without thinking about it, and they could potentially have spent an engineer-year thinking about this one issue and still not have come up with the implementation that you would consider ideal.

An intern checked a box on a list, and it was the same intern that messed up MF auto-enlargement, remote control and ordered control wheels that can be moved with a thought .

I'm not happy with the control wheel on the back, and think it is not a good design. But living with it is a choice that I made, to get a camera that I think is amazing overall but that has a number of minute imperfections. There will always, always, always be things to find that you don't like, and room for improvement. But the only legitimate downside of prefocus, that anyone here has thus far mentioned, is what the birder (zackiedawg, I think) said about how his long lens focuses on the ground when he would rather it stay focused at distance. I can understand that and I can understand why he would want to have a way to disable it. But what annoys me is when a bunch of people come piling on whenever someone mentions a characteristic of a camera that is not to their particular liking. I haven't looked at the threads for other camera families here, but it sure seems to me that with regards to the NEX, there is an awful lot of this piling on. There is no way to disable the prefocus. In the grander scheme of things, just how big of a deal is this? If that is the most serious flaw that I discover in the camera, I will be very, very happy with it.

And what's the deal with repeating the list of "potential flaws thus far identified" whenever someone starts a new thread with some new little nuance they discovered but don't like? If everyone does that, doesn't it seem to you that it will get a little tiring after a while? Why not just stick to what is being discussed in the thread?

Not his fault, somebody just needs to give the kid a new list, with more 'disable option' check boxes .

Yes, and if everyone gave their lists of wants, and Sony gave everyone what they wanted, the menus would get even more complex, and then everyone would complain about that, which they already do at many opportunities.

And please see the other recent comment I made re the fact that if you disable the LCD and use just the EVF (on the NEX-7, at least) that prefocus is not active until you put your eye up to the EVF. But then the rub is that the LCD does not come back on automatically. And so on and so forth ...

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