Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Canon/Nikon "Continue" to defy death - its selling BETTER every year

007peter wrote:

(eye rolled).  People here has been proclaiming the death of DSLR for years.....

Yet, in 2013.  Canon + Nikon continue to be #1 and #2 camera makers world wide even in recession.

My point is this:
  • While I love Mirrorless Small Camera, I really do, but..... 
  • I wish people stop Proclaiming the Death of DSLR. ¬†It's rather EMBARASSING¬†

People will believe what they fervently want to see happen (or not happen). As Charles Fulton drove his steamboat up-river against the current, people stood on the shore saying 'It won't work! It can't work!'

Even as right before their eyes... it did.

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