C'mon guys, lets see some 'Favourite M42 Lens ' shots.

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mike earussi Veteran Member • Posts: 7,080
Re: C'mon guys, lets see some 'Favourite M42 Lens ' shots.

whisky wrote:

Hi Mike,

Lovely  shot, apart from your obvious photo talent, your skills with PhotoShop just makes me feel pathetic !! 

Thanks, just one light back and to the left and processed and tweaked a bit in SPP then PS.

Have the Tamron 35-80 SP and I find that a nice lens too for several reasons but the Prime Tamron SP 90mm you used always gets good press.


The Tamron 90 f2.5 macro is the biggest bang for the buck I've ever seen in lenses. It's even better than the Sigma 70mm macro, especially wide open. I've pretty much switched over to using it for all my macro work now instead of the 70, plus at $175 it's less than half the price. The only advantage of the 70 is AF, 1:1 instead of 1:2,  and the lovely star patterns it makes from street lights at night.

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