NEX-6 major design flaw

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Re: Mike - It's not a 'flaw' but I agree with you...

kaiser soze wrote:

zackiedawg wrote:

Because I don't want to have to switch it to MF...the downside is, I've had 4 previous cameras and one other current camera I use regularly which I've always been able to use the same way, and I'd like to also use my NEX the same way...but I cannot.  I want the camera to do nothing whatsoever until I decide to half-press the shutter button, which I would like to have initiate autofocus in Single AF mode, achieve focus where I intend, and lock.  I do not want to press a different button to trigger autofocus just because I'm very accustomed to doing it with the shutter button, as I have on all previous cameras and my other current switching another button on the body to function as an AF/MF toggle is not as convenient or as intuitive for me, and also removes other functions I've mapped to that button which I might find much more useful.  Where prefocus interferes the most for me is when birding with the NEX - because I am walking around with a 357mm focal length with the camera pointed down at the ground, and the focus system prefocuses on the ground at minimum focus distance...when I need to pull the camera up to shoot a bird 60 feet away, it actually increases the focus time to acquire versus if the focus had stayed at the maximum focus distance from the previous shot and prefocus was turned off.

That makes perfect sense to me. I understand now why you would just like there to be a setting in the menu to simply disable the prefocus. (Never let it be said that I cannot be persuaded by a coherent, rational explanation.) And with this bit of enlightenment, I now realize that the OP had a valid point.

I was just experimenting with the NEX-7 a little, and discovered that with the "FINDER/LCD Setting" set to "Viewfinder", that when the viewfinder goes dark when you pull your eye away from it (and the LCD remains dark) that prefocus does not occur until you bring your eye back to the viewfinder.

This still isn't exactly the same as having it not prefocus at all, but to me it seems very, very close to what you want the camera to do (to not do). To my way of thinking, the only notable drawback is that the LCD panel does not back come on until you go back into the menu and change the setting.

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