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Re: Considering Canon

AlterHase wrote:

Are you looking to take pictures that your current setup isn't able to (e.g. ultra-thin DoF)? Just in case your answer is "better image quality": can you describe in what way your current setup is not meeting your needs?

I suppose that my main disappointment is with the 100-300 lens. The other day I was shooting a Blue Heron at the beach, and took many shots at myriad settings (tripod).  Granted, this lens is known to be a little soft on the far end, but none of the images were tack sharp, and I wasn't happy with 'em.

My 20mm/1.7 is an impressive little lens, and does well for its uses, but tell me if I'm incorrect in the following:
It seems that I see sooo many images (on the 'net) from the big bad-boy Canikons that just flat-out have an IQ that a M4/3 cannot achieve.  Yes, the M4/3s are a good little camera, but their sensor is considerably smaller.  And isn't there something to be said about the fact that Canon & Nikon are "camera" companies, and all the rest are "electronics" companies; or is that just not the case now-a-days?

First, let's just take your words literally and assume that you want the exact same number of lenses covering the same (or similar) focal lengths. Let's assume you're not often print larger than 11inx14in.  I think in this case the Canon FF setup will mainly be larger, heavier, and more expensive than your current.

I have a rather large printer. It accepts 54" wide rolls of media in the back, so I print some large canvas.

Thanks for the replies.

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