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I think the question on which a lot of answers depend on is: what are you looking for when upgrading from 4/3 to Canon Full frame?

Cameras are tools and as such come with a list of pros and cons. Same for lenses.

Are you looking to take pictures that your current setup isn't able to (e.g. ultra-thin DoF)? Just in case your answer is "better image quality": can you describe in what way your current setup is not meeting your needs?

First, let's just take your words literally and assume that you want the exact same number of lenses covering the same (or similar) focal lengths. Let's assume you're not often print larger than 11inx14in.  I think in this case the Canon FF setup will mainly be larger, heavier, and more expensive than your current.

Alternatively, let's interpret your question more liberally as: "what lenses does Canon offer that would allow to bring the best out of a Canon 5dIII camera?". I'd say (without wanting to sound too much like a Canon sales rep) that the extensive range of over 80 lenses for the EF mount (did I remember that correctly) offer the most versatile set of tools for photography in a single system. You can take advantage of the large FF sensor by creatively exploring extreme shallow depth of field with largest apertures of 1.4 from 24mm to 2.0 at 200mm, you can explore macro photography at an image stabilized 1:1 ratio or even 1:5 ratio. You can find (expensive) lenses with more range than your current setup and superior quality (800mm)

Just my 2c

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