Canikon another dinosaur?

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Not so fast on the not so fast

First off, the IQ difference is becoming largely theoretical, or in the purvey of spec memorizers. Is it visible in a photograph? Not really. Perhaps in the ultra thin DOF department, but that's only one style of many, and that shallow DOF becomes a problem when shooting macro or long telephoto. By the specs, the larger sensor is 'better', but the 4/3 sensor has become so good that it's not evident in the end result.

The latest M43 bodies are pretty darn quick. And a heck of a lot smaller than a big pro rig, which will be very appealing to PJ's. If the rumored OMD-Pro with faster shutter and more rugged build becomes reality, PJ's may have a new darling, and a compelling reason to buy it - it's small, it's light, and it's very unobtrusive.

I think the author is stretching things a bit in some areas, but I also think he's spot on about C/N sleeping on their duopoly. It seems unthinkable to consider that they could see their dominant position endangered, but I remember a time when Nikon ruled the roost, and Canon was just an also-ran.

Until autofocus came along. Nikon dragged their heels, Canon was all over it, and in the short space of about eight or nine years, Canon had such a head start on that technology that they knocked Nikon out of the top spot. Took Nikon over twenty years to claw it's way back to parity. For that matter, Kodak once owned pro digital with its digital backs, but it failed to capitalize on it's head start on sensors, and Kodak is now... gone.

And M43 has one feature that neither Nikon nor Canon have: multiple manufacturers building to the same lens mount. M43 needs one more camera company associated with it to really add credibility to the concept. I strongly suggest Pentax, as their mirrorless efforts have not been successful, but they do have a loyal following and they make such lovely pancakes and primes. M43 has a chance to really seal the market before the dunderheads at C/N finally wake up. Bringing Pentax in could do just that. If Sigma were to retool the DP for M43, Foveon would make an interesting option to have.

The DSLR isn't going away any time soon, but if you look at today's market... M43 is where all the exciting things are happening. M43 hits the larger sensor dslr's with the one thing they can't do: make the lenses smaller, while sensor tech has eroded the large sensor advantage.

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