Canon 15-85 vs Sigma 17-70 contemporary?

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Re: Canon 15-85 vs Sigma 17-70 tested on DXO

qianp2k wrote:

Anyway after checking the above DXOMark test (I usually ignore DXO total score but pay attention to detail test data), I am not sure it's significantly better than EF-S 15-85. You see at its respective wide open at both ends, Canon 15-85 is sharper (check Sharpness | FieldMap). Sigma lens needs to stop down to match. No mention Canon copy has better range, wider and longer. Also usually Canon and Nikon IS/VR is more effective than third party OS/VC.

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Indeed, if you look at sharpness/fieldmap on DXOMark, Canon 15-85 is way sharper at the edges than Sigma 17-70C at the wide end (15mm and 17mm, respectively). This is even true at f8.

In fact, according to DxOMark, Sigma's previous generation of this lens (v2 with OS) was sharper at the edges at the wide end (again - look at sharpness/fieldmap). This is the same criticism made by lenstip concerning the C version.

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