Canikon another dinosaur?

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a very silly article

A new technology emerges when it is clearly better. Trouble is, mirroless has yet to prove this advantage. Granted, it might be better 10 years from now. But predictions about the future are notorious for the inaccurately. Frequently a third technology, unforeseen today, sweeps up and washes everyone's predictions out to sea.

Lets go through his wimply and self-serving paragraphs.

1.) Switching costs. ???? It costs to switch from any system to any other. So? In mirrorless the systems are more expensive for the same performance, and just as proprietary.

2.) Disruptive technology. True, but not proven the mirrorless is disruptive. No technical analysis. Just a blanket statement. Maybe the cell phone is the disruptive technological. Maybe Google glass.

3.) The Canon and Nikon reaction. They haven't reacted. Maybe because they're not worried and don't consider it a disruptive technology?

So what is he really saying when you take away all the words? Absolutely nothing of a technological nature. Nothing specific. A lot of vague generalizations. More of a "waaa, I like it, so it must become true."

Now, what would be more interesting if he got off his butt and did some work. Compared lenses from different systems, measured performance, compared results on a per weight and per cost basic. Nah, that sounds too much like work. Too much like reality.

Bottom line. I could do a search and replace on his key words - mirrorless, Canon and Nikon -- and it would read just as true for anything from washing machines to electric cars. A generic article, devoid of thought.

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