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Re: Newbie Nikon Lens Suggestions

87350iroc wrote:

MyWebGuy wrote:

Shooting boats on plane (moving fast) and would like to get 16x20 prints out of it. I'm definitely going to go with the D3100 or D5200 just for the increase in megapixels  (14 to 24).

I hate to harp on this, but we have all learned this over time.  Most the hard way.  We are just trying to help.

I have printed my old 6mp D40 at 20x30 and 24x36 many times.  Your 14mp will be just fine for 16x20's.

The 55-200 is just horrible at anything more than 6mp.  I don't blame you for wanting an upgrade.  What focal length do you want, is 200mm enough?

I am certain that your money would be better spent on a good lens, like a used 70-200 VRI.  Nobody thinks they are worth it until they try one.  Then they want to go back are re-take all their old pictures.  I would recommend the even cheaper 80-200 but your d3100/3200/5100 won't auto focus with it.  Another reason to hold off on the body upgrade and save for a better body, like the d7000.

This this this.

the megapixels is exactly the very last thing in a long list of things that will improve your photos for your use case.

I've been a pro/freelancer for the whole digital era, and learned through experience what does it.

I have printed really good 16x20s with the 3mp of the original D1, the 4 of the D2H, and certainly 12 of the D300 and D700.

You are going to be very disappointed in the difference between the 3100 and the 3200/5200 for your use case.

The 24mp will out-resolve the non-"pro" lenses in your situation.

If I were you, and speaking not from theory but from experience, I would find myself a used D300, or  D7000, or save up for a D7100, and/or get a used 70-200 AFS VR1

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