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Whitty wrote:

paparios wrote:

If you have plans to go to FF in the future, it would be convenient to invest on lenses that can be used in both worlds. Using zooms, you can use like the following sequence (it may be quite expensive):

Option 1:  16-35 f2.8L II + 24-70 f2.8L II + 70-200 f2.8L II IS

Option 2: 17-40 f4L + 24-105 f4 L IS + 70-200 f4L IS

Option 1: 14 f2.8L II + 24 f2.8L II + 35 f1.4L + 50 f1.2L +85 f1.2L + 135 f2L + 200 f2.8

I'm not made of money:0)

I could skip the 14mm and the 24 mm and use my kit zoom for the 135 and 200.

Neither we are

Well, your option including the 35 f2, 50 f1.4 and 85 f1.8 is quite reasonable and can be realized with about $1000. Now consider than in a 60D, the field of view will be equivalent to 56, 80 and 136 mm.

I have the Samyang 14 f2.8 (a great IQ lens for $370), the Samyang 35 f1.4 (quite impresive IQ at $450), the EF-40 f2.8 pancake (spectacular at $150) and the EF 85 f1.8 (about $350). On my 7D these provide me with field of view equivalent to 22, 56, 64 and 136 mm. The real capability of these lenses is only achieved with a FF body like my 5D MKII.


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