NEX-6 major design flaw

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Re: Mike - It's not a 'flaw' but I agree with you...

zackiedawg wrote:

Likely the reason you got jumped on a bit is that this forum, as well as many here, are polluted with people who come here with sole intention of stirring the pot by posting negative things about the camera line, which naturally creates a tense forum environment where every post that pops up with anything seemingly negative gets the same reaction: pitchforks and fire.  Your wording, especially in the title, is likely what got the reaction the most - calling it a flaw.  If you had asked if it was a flaw, or if you had noted that it's annoying to you...that would have probably made it through without as much reaction.

But, it was obvious upon reading his post that he was a real user just experiencing some frustration. A couple of people could have been a little gentler on him. It isn't like he insulted another person, and people do that all the time and no one complains until the person who got insulted loses his cool and goes on a tirade.

It's not a flaw because it was done on purpose, and by design.  And it's very similar to how many P&S cameras and mirrorless cameras work.  So 'flaw' was not a great word for it.  But 'Annoying'?  Yes - I would agree with you completely.  I've never liked that - it's one of the very few little irks I have with the NEX that I've called for fixes in firmware since the first days I had a NEX.  Just adding the option to turn it on or off would make a huge difference for those of us who do not like it.  Fortunately, it's not the worst problem a camera can have, it's easy enough to get used to or accept, and the battery life was never going to be in DSLR territory with these cameras anyway, so the small difference in battery draw doesn't really grate on me.  I do fine with the NEX despite the pre-focus which I don't like, and regularly switch from DSLR to NEX.  I can live with it because there's so much else to like about the NEX - would I disable it if I could? Yes, in a heartbeat.

You're not alone in disliking the behavior, but the question is can you just learn to get past it and enjoy the camera.  I can.  And who knows, maybe in some lucky world, a firmware update may address it someday...but probably not!

Why is this behavior annoying? Why can't you just switch it to MF? What is the downside to doing that, as compared to whatever behavior it is that you would prefer and propose? And what is the reason for thinking that this consumes an appreciable amount of battery power in comparison to the amount consumed by the LCD and EVF? And even if it is significant in a comparative sense, what is wrong with setting the power save timer to 10 s and then pressing the Menu button when you want it to wake up?

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