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Confusing AF numbers?

I haven't looked at IR's shutter response (lag time) before.

People on this thread seem to be looking at: Full Autofocus
Single Point
(Center) AF

where the 5diii and the 6D excel.

But AF is poorly explained and complicated for both Nikon and Canon.   For moving subjects, many photographers set continuous AF.

For that wouldn't you want to look at:  Continuous AF
Release Priority

I know that is how I shoot, risking some OOF shots to get much faster focus response.

All 3 Nikon FF's and the 1DX are much faster on this metric, and they have faster follow continuous focus as well, and they make use of color information from the metering system.  In addition, the Nikons have Auto Area AF, for when you want face recognition and the camera to select the focus point.

From here, it quickly gets hairier - are you prefocused, how far will the lens have to travel, how fast does the lens move, what is your DOF, how many and what kind of AF points, how does darkness and lack of contrast affect AF, what kind of motion are you tracking?  - so your really need to know your specific AF settings (which have taken me years, so far, to figure out) before you can apply IR's numbers to your own situation.

So it might be safer to say that if you use the defaults the 5Diii has faster AF.  By the time you figure out your AF needs, and if they are for action, then other cameras are faster, but, if you're like me, by that time you'll be buying a later model, and for that all bets are off.   Intelligent AF is in its infancy, and for that you want the company with the best engineers and programmers.

Or I could be misreading IR's numbers.

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